Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children

Our mission is to put emotional intelligence at the heart of every child’s education. We offer preventative, early-intervention mental wellbeing initiatives to children, families and schools. We work creatively, systemically and holistically in schools and private practice. 

A little bit of EQ goes a long way.

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Preventative, early-intervention mental wellbeing initiatives to children, families and schools


Talks to parents, teachers, and pupils on a wide range of mental wellbeing topics.


Early-intervention, preventative mental health advice for parents of primary school aged children.


“Your talk exceeded our expectations. It was confident, well-pitched and had good engagement with the audience.”

Head of Year 8, London Secondary School – “Is screen time damaging our children’s mental health?” – Parent presentation

“I think that this was an inspirational event and I hope more schools can get involved next year and it becomes an annual event.”

Primary School Pupil (Creative PSHE workshops)

“I cannot fault the structure or content. The preliminary meeting before the presentations was particularly useful, to ensure that the talks were tailored to our specific needs and circumstances.”

London Primary School “How to Talk to Children about Death and Loss"



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