Brief, early -intervention support for parents of primary school children

Do you have concerns about your child's mental health? Have you noticed some worrying behaviours, seen changes in sleep patterns or noticed your child has become withdrawn, anxious or angry?

Would you like some advice on how to talk to your children about death, divorce or change?

It is normal to have times when family life is hard. Growing up is never easy and it can be difficult to navigate the ups and downs of parenthood. Sometimes a little bit of outside help can make all the difference.

As HCPC registered arts therapists and systemically trained practitioners, we can help you and you family make small changes that will have a positive impact on everyone's well being. We offer brief, solution-focused sessions and, if necessary, can guide you towards professionals who can offer ongoing help.

A little bit of EQ goes a long way...

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Group Therapy


It is not always easy to find the right person with whom to discuss your concerns. Sometimes it is enough to simply feel heard and to have a professional take the time to reflect with you.

In our first session, we will discuss your family setup, your concerns and the presenting problems.

We will think together about the techniques you have tried and what needs to happen to bring about change. 


Next, we will devise some simple strategies that you can try at home. Taking into consideration your individual family, the needs of your child and the nature of the problem, we will support you to implement the differences that will make the difference. 

This may be achievable in one session or perhaps over two meetings. Our aim will always be to provide accessible, bespoke advice that you can implement straight away.

There will be plenty of opportunity for you to discuss concerns or ask questions.

Child Psychologist


A little bit of help usually goes a long way, but even with the best of intentions and a world of advice at your fingertips, some problems need longer-term support to bring about change. 

The choice of therapeutic support out there can feel overwhelming. When you've exhausted all your techniques and run out of options, we can help you find the right ongoing therapeutic support.

We can discuss the range of therapeutic modalities open to you and we can talk you through the process of finding and engaging the best therapist available!


Speaking to Juliette, at a difficult time, was like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Our conversations allowed me to take a step back and see a way forward. Juliette set out a clear and positive path to take. I truly appreciate her gentle but authoritative approach and, in a short space of time, have already noticed a change in my son's behaviour.